Doula & Birth Companionship by Jemima Doku, Private Midwife


Labour can occur at any stage of pregnancy with only 5% of babies actually arriving on their due date. Your labour will be triggered by a surge of hormones, which indicate your baby is ready for birth and these hormones stimulate your body to begin the birth process. Your antenatal care will have prepared you for this part of the birthing process, but if you have any concerns about the early onset of labour, do not hesitate to contact Jemima who is on call 24 hours a day, to offer you professional advice and encouragement.

Once labour is established, Jemima will accompany you to hospital and act as your professional advocate at all stages of labour, ensuring your needs are met by the hospital staff and you receive the best levels of service at all times.

Jemima has 20 years’ birthing experience, which enables her to offer professional advice and emotional support. She can give you crucial advice on how to manage your contractions and the best options for pain relief during the various stages of your delivery. The relationship you have built up with Jemima during pregnancy means you have someone by your side whom you know and trust and this will allow you to feel confident and reassured during all stages of your labour.

For more information about how Jemima can assist you as your Doula, please call Jemima on 07425 144 895 or visit the Contact Page to send a message.